Enginexa is experienced in many cutting edge technologies utilized in tech development.These include work in CyberSecurity, Blockchain, Web & Mobile Applications. We have built custom solutions for the customer journey from a web lead to becoming an SMS or email recipient. No tech stack is too difficult to implement or manage.

Superior Staff
Deep Experience
Goal Orientated
Flexible Pricing


Enginexa will provide you with top notch full or part time Dedicated Software Engineers. They will be fully committed to your project. Along with the Software Engineers our Executive Team will be fully involved as Product Managers.


We are adept at handling all aspects of the development process. Our capabilities include the following –

  • Product development: Including goal setting, building a timeline, and creating out-of-the-box solutions
  • Bolt-On products and features: We’ll create fully-functional add-on capabilities for your existing system
  • Database development and maintenance: Turn to Enginexa to build a quality database and manage it properly over time
  • Systems, platform, and process integration: Our team will get your various systems and platforms to work together seamlessly
  • Professional Services: From training and support to consulting and other specialties, we can push your organization to reach its goals in record time.


Allow Enginexa to navigate the complicated world of DevOps to bring together teams in a way that leads to the desired outcomes. We can work in the following areas –

  • Systems and platform integration including Jenkins, Terraform and CloudFormation, Puppet, Chef, and more
  • Cloud services such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and many others
  • Windows servers products like the Microsoft .NET framework, Microsoft Visual Studio, etc.
  • Linux servers including Ubuntu and CentOS, along with languages such as Ruby, Shell, and Python
  • Open systems application servers with experience in Apache Tomcat, Eclipse, NetBeans, PhpStorm, Wildfly, Plesk, Selenium IDE, GitHub, Bamboo, Travis CI and CircleCI

Software QA & Testing:

Enginexa has a proven process for QA and testing, including the steps below –

  • Test planning and design, where we establish a clear scope and objectives for the process
  • Test case development to verify how the software functions
  • Test execution – the cases are run and the results are tracked
  • Defect tracking and management is where any defects during testing are resolved
  • Test reporting and analysis is the final stage, and it is where the hard work pays off and we can identify areas for improvement as a result of the tests

To accomplish our goals, we use a wide range of tools, including TestRail, Selenium, TestComplete, Apache JMeter, and others.


Ongoing care is essential for any software system, and Enginexa would be proud to take the lead in this area for your business.

  • Software maintenance: Running updates and correcting issues to keep all software components functional
  • Bug fixes and hot fixes: From finding minor bugs to handling emergency repairs, Enginexa is up to the challenge
  • Service pack: one single installation package that addresses a variety of software application needs
  • Deployment management: Both advice on how to deploy new software and the execution of that deployment is available
  • Tailored support: Contact us to design a support solution that perfectly fits the needs of your business


We can cover many different areas of expertise for our clients, meaning you’ll be able to get exactly what you need without having to look elsewhere. Enginexa can deliver capabilities in the following fields –

  • Media & ad tech: Marketing and advertising knowledge, including digital marketing
  • Accounting & bookkeeping: Operating accounting software and bookkeeping tools
  • Human resources management: Handling HR regulations and relevant laws, along with employee benefits
  • eCommerce & payments: Operating eCommerce tools, payment gateways, and providing customer service
  • Retail: Strong customer service, knowledge of retail sales methods

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency:

The ever-evolving fields of blockchain and cryptocurrency are a mystery to many, but Enginexa possesses valuable insights in this area. Whether it’s testing and deploying a decentralized application or using the blockchain to create a smart contract between two parties, we are here to assist.

We can deliver solutions thanks to the skills and experiences below –

  • Knowledge of cryptography, distributed systems, and programming
  • Contract development using Ethereum and Solidity
  • Creating enterprise blockchain solutions through Hyperledger
  • CryptoCurrency & NFT Minting


Why use Enginexa as your trusted Software Solution provider?

Broad Skill & Deep Experience
Staff Loyalty and Longevity
Dedicated Resources
Cost Optimized Business Model

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