Tech Staff Augmentation & Consulting

Let us hire and manage your Tech Staff. No payroll headaches. From software engineers to tech stack management, we can provide you full time staffing & project management throughout the world with no administrative headaches. We have over 20 years of experience developing and managing complex projects.


Thinking Big

Starting Small

Creating Value Fast

Innovating at Scale


Here at Enginexa we focus on hiring the best in class Software Engineers. We emphasize quality not quantity. Our Engineers can develop sophisticated project ideas into reality. We will work in a super efficient manner keeping costs low while exceeding your expectations.

Whether its superior coding, database design or managing of your tech stack our Engineers will be fully committed. Each and everyday you will receive updates from your dedicated staff.

Each project will gain significant upside from the fact the whole team can be leveraged on specific items in a project to get them fast tracked. Not only do we provide dedicated Software Engineers but every client will have access to the Executive Team for any questions.

Superior Staff

Deep Experience

Goal Orientated

Flexible Pricing


Expert Team

Deep team experience in Cybersecurity, Web3, Database & Affiliate Marketing technologies. We have been in the industry from the beginning.

Rapid Development

All our work is thorough and detail orientated. Our dedicated team of developers around the globe can get the work done quickly.

Complete Support

We strive to answer all requests within minutes. Our work flow is well thought out to provide an efficient work environment.

Meaningful Outcomes

Creating a project that has an impact on those who encounter it is at the core of our beliefs. Our technology services can get your project there.

Technical Process

Databases, APIs, Affiliate Marketing, Cybersecurity and Web3 technology is truly mind blowing and we understand it.

Planning Project Approach

Planning ahead saves time and money. We put many eyes on the project allowing for feedback from many points of view.

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